Keeping a chimney well maintained is important for lessening the danger of fire-related accidents in your home as well as efficiently heating your home using the fireplace. There are several services available to you that will ensure you get the most out of your fireplace and chimney.

Chimney sweeping is needed when creosote buildup reaches 1/8 inch or more. Creosote is a chemical that is emitted from burning wood that sticks to chimney walls. Most owners will have a summer chimney sweeping done each year to prepare for the fall and winter months.

If you have problems with smoke entering your home while using your fireplace, you should get a diagnosis from a professional to see what needs to be done. One of the main problems is when there is negative pressure in your home. This means that the air pressure inside is less than the air pressure outside, which causes air to enter your home through any opening, including your chimney. A professional will be able to determine the cause of the problem and ways to fix it.

Chimney caps and rainpans are items that can be installed to properly maintain your chimney. These items help to prevent water damage by blocking rain from entering through your chimney. They also keep birds, squirrels and other animals out of your chimney. Caps can also stop sparks from coming out and hitting your roof.

If water enters your home through the chimney or the flue you should look into having waterproofing done. Water damage to your home can be very expensive. Waterproofing will seal the exterior boundaries of the chimney. This stops water from entering the mortar as well as your home.

You may be interested in using gas logs in your fireplace. These can be purchased and installed by chimney professionals as well.

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