Summer Is Maintenance Time For Your Chimney

18358771_1351474008267699_2576090986969277467_oAfter a long winter of use, a chimney needs rest and relaxation, too. Summer is the ideal time to have Advanced Chimney of Marietta, GA inspect and if necessary, clean and repair your chimney. By scheduling maintenance for your chimney in the warmer months, you have no down time and can rely on your chimney to work safely and efficiently when the cooler temperatures return.

Creosote is a residue that can build up in a chimney over time, causing it work less efficiently and can be a cause of chimney fires. A good sweeping can keep the chimney in proper condition and prevent a potential disaster in the future- the experts at Advanced Chimney Sweeps in the Atlanta area can ensure that your chimney is safe for use.

Checking the condition of the chimney’s cap and rain pan should also be done in the summer. Together, these components prevent rain water from damaging the chimney or the house and can help keep birds, rodents and other animals from getting inside the chimney or home. In addition, the chimney cap helps contain stray sparks which might otherwise make their way to the rook and start a fire.

Over time, the chimney can begin to breakdown. Mortar can crack, bricks can loosen. These and other damages can erode over time and make the chimney unstable, inefficient or even cause it to collapse. By having the chimney inspected each summer, problems like these can be caught early and repaired before they become a hazard for the homeowner.

Other problems that can occur with chimneys include smoke or water entering the residence. In the case of smoke, the cause can be tricky to unearth. Everything from positive and negative air pressure in the home to your HVAC system can be affecting the smoke’s flow. If water is the problem, waterproofing seals can be applied to the chimney to prevent further leaking and damage. In both cases, a trained chimneysweep from Advcanced Chimney Sweeps can investigate and determine the cause of the problem.

Use the summer months to inspect and maintain any chimneys on the property. Any repairs can be done relatively quickly and without disruption to the regular use of the chimney. The chimney will be in tip top shape, come fall and winter, ready for safe, efficient use when needed.

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New House? Don’t Forget A Chimney Inspection!

A modern custom built luxury home in a residential cul-de-sac neighborhood. This high end house is very nicely landscaped property.

Homeowners are often quick to perform the necessary repairs to make and keep their homes beautiful. However, it’s easy to overlook one structural component that not only involves beauty, but safety as well: the fireplace chimney. Though the prevention of smoke or fire damage from a filthy chimney is the number one consideration, there are other good reasons to invest in a professional chimney inspection.

As most homeowners know, creosote, a flammable, tar-like by-product of wood burning, can build up quickly in any chimney. Though the buildup depends on the frequency with which the fireplace is used and the type of wood burned, it’s safe to say that in just one season a chimney can become a potential hazard. A professional chimney inspection easily reveals the problem, and the cleaning is efficiently performed.

Another good reason to have a chimney inspection is to spot problems in the mortar, bricks, and roof flushing. Though most people associate chimney inspection with just cleaning, the inspector is also able to spot cracks in brick mortar that can lead to serious problems. Also, any interior and exterior brick damage is also surveyed to maintain the integrity of the chimney as a whole. At roof level, where the chimney exits from the attic, inspectors are also able to check for problems with the flushing, which are the materials used to fill in the space between brick and roof. Damage to any of these components can lead to structural safety problems over time.

Chimney and flue cleaning is a safety step, but also corrects improper burning in the fireplace. Many homeowners notice over time that the smoke from a fire begins to vent less efficiently. During or after a relaxing winter fire, the smell of smoke may become particularly noticeable. These are signs that shouldn’t be ignored since they are probably due to a buildup of creosote or other debris.

To be on the safe side, it’s best to have a yearly chimney inspection. These are often best performed in the spring and summer months so that identified problems can be fixed before fireplace season begins. This regular preventive maintenance has the additional benefit of saving money in the long run.

This year, when the snow begins to fly, relaxing near a fireplace will be even more pleasurable with the reassurance that the chimney is in working order.

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Don’t Let Spring Showers Leak Through Your Chimney

Chimney Cap Installation by Advanced Chimney Sweeps in Marietta GALike many functioning systems in your home, chimneys need periodic maintenance and repair.  A moist or leaking chimney is one obvious sign that it is in need of attention.  Advanced Chimney Sweeps of Marietta, Georgia sees their fair share of chimneys in need of repair over the spring months.

5 Good Reasons Your Chimney May Be Leaking

  • It doesn’t have a cap.  Not only will a chimney cap prevent water from getting in, it will also keep animals and other nuisances out.
  • You have a prefab fireplace with a damaged rain pan. Rain pans are located at the top of a prefab fireplace. Because they are made of metal, they will eventually rust or get a hole in them.
  • Your chimney crown is damaged.  Masonry chimney covers are designed to channel moisture away but the material can break down and allow moisture in if not properly maintained with a sealant.
  • The flashing around your chimney is damaged. Loose, missing or damaged flashing is a common cause for fireplace leaks. Damaged portions can be repaired or replaced with high quality flashing and sealant.
  •  Your masonry chimney has loose, cracked or chipped bricks. Minor cracks and mortar joints can be repaired and sealed with a professional quality water repellant.

When you first notice moisture and/or a leak the best thing you can do is contact a professional for repairs before the damage gets worse.  Staying on top of your chimney maintenance will save you money in the long run.

If and when the time comes, do your research and hire a reputable professional chimney sweep to inspect and repair your chimney.  Advanced Chimney Sweeps have been serving the homeowners of Marietta Georgia with superior service for 25 years.

Don’t let spring showers get you down, contact a professional to help care for your chimney.

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What’s A Rain Pan & Why You Need One

Rain Pan Repair and Installation Marietta GAWhat is a Rain Pan?

Rain pans serve as a roof for your chimney chase. They are placed on the upper portions of prefab fireplaces. They are designed to stop water from traveling into fireboxes and chimney chases. These pans are generally produced out of galvanized steel or metal.

Why Your Chimney Needs a Rain Pan

If you ever notice fireplace water leakage, then a problem with your rain pan could just be the culprit. Water leakage often indicates that a rain pain has developed a perforation. It also sometimes indicates rusting. If you suspect an issue with your rain pan, professional repair might be able to reverse the situation. If the problem is severe, however, replacement might be necessary. Replacement is often important for minimizing extensive water damage at a later time.

Advanced Chimney Sweeps Can Service Or Install Rain Pans

Don’t ever ignore frustrating fireplace leakage. Ignoring the problem could result in it becoming a lot worse. Instead, call the professionals at Advanced Chimney Sweeps in Marietta, GA. We offer a vast array of rain pain services to home and business owners in the Atlanta area. Whether you need installation or repair of your rain pan, we can help. Contact us immediately by making a simple phone call. You can also visit our website to ask for an estimate or to set up an appointment for service. We have a basic online form that can help you get in contact with our team swiftly and easily. When you rely on Advanced Chimney Sweeps, you can always expect friendly, efficient and knowledgeable rain pain services. Remember, customer satisfaction is always our number one priority.

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Benefits of a Gas Log Fireplace

ventedcharred-oakstackThere’s nothing like cozying up to a warm fire on a chilly winter night.  And what’s better than a comfortable fire without the mess and hassle of the wood burning variety?  Gas log fireplaces are a great alternative to the traditional wood burning fire. They offer a comfortable, safe and easy way to enjoy the warmth and beauty of a fireplace.

Advantages of Gas Logs

Advanced Chimney Sweeps are fully certified and insured to install a Gas log in your fireplace. The accessibility of having prompt and competent, comfy heat with the ability to carefully switch off your fire when you go to sleep or leave the house is appealing to most. No flickers, blazing cinders, or creosote accumulation eradicates hazardous chimney fires.

Gas logs stop the purchasing, packing, and carrying of kindling. Also, there is no messy debris, no chimney washing, and no danger of insects, either. Burning gas logs is a beneficial choice as they generate 35-45% fewer releases than kindling and produce no particulate substance that damages the atmosphere. Gas logs have shown to be more ecologically-friendly; keeping the air fresher, while conserving the woodlands.

An additional advantage is that purer air can signify that allergies and asthmatic illnesses worsened by wood fires are eradicated when burning gas logs. Gas logs can be connected in most present or new fireplaces. The specialists at Advanced Chimney Sweeps would be happy to connect a gas log set that you have previously bought, or you can buy one directly from Advanced Chimney Sweeps’ website.

Vent and Vent-free Gas Logs

Vented gas logs necessitate the chimney duct to be ajar. They can be fit in outside fireplaces and fire pits. With vent-free logs, the duct can be shut as the logs are functioning. A vent-free fireplace has no vent or regulator. In most cases, vented logs appear more like a kindling fire while vent-free logs distribute more warmth.

Advanced Chimney Sweeps of Marietta, Georgia offers an assortment of services, including: chimney sweeping, inspection, chimney caps, and maintenance.

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Enjoy a Safe Chimney Fire With The Right Firewood

453196619As temperatures begin to drop, homeowners begin to stay in on a cold winter’s night and cozy up to a fire. Did you know that the type of wood you use and how to properly store it is a big factor in determining how efficiently your system is working? It can make for an enjoyable experience or a possible dangerous one.  Advanced Chimney Sweeps of Marietta Georgia wants you to be aware of the importance of selecting and storing the right type of wood for a safe and comfortable wood-burning season.

What to Avoid

After cut, wood typically takes six to nine months or more to dry out. Burning wood before it’s time is not only inefficient and ineffective, it can also produce excessive amounts of smoke that can be harmful to your health. Green wood delivers less heat and produces more creosote build up in your chimney creating a potential fire hazard. The EPA recommends using a moisture meter when purchasing firewood with a moisture content showing at 20% or below.

What to Look For

Seasoned wood is essentially wood that is allowed to dry before it is burned. Once the wood is cut to length, it is optimal to split it and allow for sun and wind exposure during the months it takes to dry out. Upon viewing, seasoned wood may be splintered at the ends to indicate lack of moisture. A sound test can also be conducted by knocking two pieces of wood together. Dried wood makes a higher pitched clinking sound where green wood makes a dull subdued sound indicating moisture.

How to Store Your Firewood

It is ideal to store firewood in a specific shed where it is covered by a roof but exposed on the sides to allow for proper air flow to promote drying until it is seasoned. After, it is safe to store a covered pile off of the ground and away from direct contact with buildings.

Be sure your chimney is in good working condition before you burn firewood. Contact Advanced Chimney Sweeps to have your chimney inspected once every year.

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Tips for a Happy Fireplace Season

453196619It’s the best time of the year to relax with family and friends near a festive fireplace and enjoy the warmth and glow of a crackling fire. Many homeowners deck the halls AND the mantel with seasonal decorations but fail to take simple precautions to ensure a safe holiday fire.

Follow these Fireplace Safety Tips this holiday and all year long…

Holiday Decorations & Packages: keep them at a distance. Do not place them near any fire source.
Wrapping Paper: Do not burn boxes, garbage or wrapping paper in the fireplace.
Fire Extinguisher: Keep one in your home at all times for fireplace safety.
Christmas Trees: Do not burn Christmas trees in your fireplace. They are not seasoned properly for the fireplace or woodburning stove.
Smoke alarms: Be sure there is one on every level of your home in good working order.
Carbon Monoxide alarm: install one to alert you of any poison threat in your home.
Ashes: dispose of ashes properly; especially when still warm.
Firewood: burn only seasoned, low moisture firewood.

In addition to these safety tips Advanced Chimney Sweeps of Atlanta recommends having your chimney cleaned every year by a licensed professional to be sure that it is functioning properly and free of safety hazards. A clean chimney can prevent house fires as well as exposure to danger creosote smoke and vapor. During cleaning, a chimney should also be checked for structural damage or cracks in the flue lining which can also cause house fires.

Got questions about your chimney and it’s need for a cleaning? Contact us today for an free estimate. Advanced Chimney Sweeps of Marietta, Georgia wishes you a safe and happy holiday season.

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How Often Should I Clean My Dryer Vent?

Woman Doing Laundry Reaching Inside Washing Machine

Are you noticing that your clothes are taking longer to dry or that your dryer has a burning smell? It could be a sign that your dryer vent pipe needs cleaning.

A dryer uses heat and air to extract the moisture from your clothes after wahsing. This warm air is pushed through dryer. The dryer tumbles to allow the air to penetrate the fabric. While tumbling the fabric breaks down (very slightly). This breakdown of the fabric is called lint. Lint can clog the system and become combustible.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the leading cause of home clothes dryer and washer fires is failure to clean them.  Here are a safety few tips to keep your dryer running smoothly…

  • Your dryer should be installed and serviced by a professional according to the manufacturer’s instruction
  • Always use a lint filter screen when running the dryer and clean it out after each load
  • Do not leave your dryer on when you are asleep or out of the home
  • Do not overload your dryer more than recommended by the manufacturer.

We at Advanced Chimney Sweeps suggest that everyone have their dryer vent cleaned at least once per year (twice per year if you do a lot of laundry). Cleaning your dryer vent adds to your safety, decreases your energy consumption and helps get your clothes dried quicker.  We will also check that the vent pipe is not restricted and the outdoor vent flap is operational when the dryer is running.

Advanced Chimney Sweeps can help. Contact us in Marietta, GA for a free dryer vent cleaning estimate. Call 770.884.6475 or REQUEST AN ESTIMATE online.

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Do I Need To Have My Chimney Professionally Cleaned?

carsonFor many of us, having our chimneys cleaned ranks with getting our septic tanks pumped or changing the oil in the lawn mower. We know it should be done, but we put it off until we’re worried their might be a problem.

Many homeowners, especially those who don’t burn wood on a regular basis, never think of checking their chimney, let alone having it professionally inspected and cleaned.
That’s a potentially-dangerous mistake.

Creosote buildup is the number one danger of a dirty chimney. Besides being corrosive, creosote is combustible and the number one source of chimney fires – which often spread quickly and tragically to your house itself.  Compounding the confusion for many homeowners is the varying degree of creosote buildup, not only from home to home and chimney to chimney, but from woodpile to woodpile and season to season.

Creosote buildup in a chimney varies greatly, depending not only on fixed factors like the type of stove or fireplace and location of the flue, but from one type of wood to another. Wetter wood will build more creosote than dryer wood, and they type of fire burned and frequency of use – all variables for most of us – can have a huge impact on creosote buildup.

Headquartered in Marietta, Georgia, Advanced Chimney Sweeps – founded by a firefighter in 1989 – is the Atlanta area’s leading experts at inspecting, cleaning and maintaining chimneys to ensure maximum safety and efficiency. Besides cleaning, Advanced Chimney Sweeps can identify chimney problems and make repairs and advise on the best ways to prevent and control creosote buildup.

While chimney cleaning is not a do-it-yourself job – it is both dangerous and dirty and must be done by a trained and professional expert.  Homeowners can do a quick inspection to identify potential creosote problems. Using a flashlight, look past the flue and check that creosote has not built up to a thickness of one-eighth inch or more. But better yet, call Advanced Chimney Sweeps to make sure your chimney, and thus your wood burning stove or fireplace and your entire house, is safe from the dangers of a potentially tragic chimney fire.

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Get Ready For Fall With Advanced Chimney Sweeps


Now that summer is over many homeowners look forward to enjoying the look and feel that a fireplace offers within the home. Not only are they functional, but can lend beauty and design to the space. However, they can also pose a fire hazard. Failure to have the chimney regularly inspected and swept is one of the number one causes of chimney fires that can be avoided. Advanced Chimney Sweeps offers inspection and sweeping services to the North Atlanta metro area.

Chimney Inspection Basics

Before using the fireplace for the season, the homeowner should perform a visual inspection and then have it inspected by professionals if there are any concerns about its operability.  The National Fire Protection Association recommends having your chimney inspected yearly.

A professional chimney inspection consists of ensuring that all the components are in proper working order. A technician will inspect both the interior and exterior of the chimney for any buildup or potential problems. Items checked include the pipes, caps, smoke chamber and the firebox. As with anything else, these components may require repair or replacement to ensure they are in proper working order.

Sweeping Services from Advanced Chimney

Chimney sweeping or cleaning is crucial to prevent the buildup that is often responsible for fire. Upon inspection, the technician can determine whether or not it is time for sweeping. Contrary to popular belief, this service can be completed fairly quickly, without leaving the home a mess. Advanced Chimney Sweeps disposes of all of the materials and takes care to make sure that the debris does not soil floors or other surfaces, leaving the home in the same condition as it previously was.

It is also important to check the quality of the wood logs in your fireplace before lighting up a new fire this season.  Give us a call today to get your fireplace ready for use in the season ahead.  And, as always, call us with your chimney inspections and cleaning questions.  We can provide you with a no obligation quote for any repairs needed to keep your hearth and home safe this fall.




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