Having trouble with smoke coming into your house from your fireplace? Many different factors lead to smoke coming into the house rather than up the chimney. It boils down to poor draft within the chimney. Many factors lead to poor draft.

1. Chimney is not tall enough to produce adequate draft. Sometime we can extend the chimney and allow for a better draft.

2. Creosote build up has clogged the flue or chimney cap. Solution, is to have a chimney sweep inspect and clean the chimney. During the chimney cleaning process a chimney sweep will make sure the flue and cap are free from nest, creosote or blockage of any kind.

3. The temperature outside is just to hot. During hotter days outside, many fireplaces will have a down draft that leads to smoke in the house.

4. Windy day. If the wind is blowing hard outside it can easily cause a down draft in the house. It can go up one side of the roof and down the chimney. One thing you can do is install a smoke guard. It is installed on the top of the entrance to the firebox which allows the smoke more time to go up the chimney.