If you have a home with multiple chimneys, you need to use chimney caps to protect the building. These are simply metal structures that can be fitted over the top of the chimney. They have gaps in them to allow smoke to move out around the sides, but they block the top completely. They are often referred to as “crowns” for the way that they perch on the top of the home. You will find that these can really do a lot of good.

Keeping The Elements Out
The main benefit of these is that they prevent snow and rain from getting into your house. If you have an uncapped chimney, the precipitation can just come straight down and into the fireplace. Sometimes, it can come into the home. With a cap, these things are stopped before they get inside even though the smoke can still get out. You never want to just put a piece of wood or metal over the chimney on your own, or you could fill the home with smoke.

Reducing Animal Entry
The next benefit is that animals will not be able to get in. Mice and other varmints like to climb on rooftops, and they could climb down the chimneys if there are no chimney caps. The same is true for birds. These can cause a lot of damage. At the very least, you have to remove them.

Preventing Further Damage
You should also remember that rain and snow can cause future damage. They can cause the chimney to corrode and to mold, for instance. Animals can damage the inside of the home. Preventing them from entering eliminates this threat.

Saving You Money
As you can imagine, having chimney caps can actually save you a lot of money. You will not have to pay to remove animals from the home. You will not have to pay to repair the damage that can be caused by the elements. Your home will be protected, meaning that it will last for a long time, giving you and your family a secure, pristine place to call your own.