Creosote buildup can pose a dangerous presence in all wood burning chimneys if not acted upon properly. Creosote is basically the unburned material that is carried upward through the chimney and sticks to the surface of the interior. The use of unseasoned or rain logged wood is one of the major contributors to this problem because the material is not being fully burned. These unwanted deposits can build over time and can be highly combustible. Many homes each year in the United States suffer from preventable fires due to creosote deposits.

-To give you a feeling of safety when using your fireplace or wood stove.

We at Advanced Chimney Sweeps Inc. take pride in the work we do. For over two decades, we have been in the chimney sweeping business and have demonstrated to our customers that our superior knowledge of wood burning stoves and fireplaces as well as our second to none service gives our customers the peace of mind they deserve. You can count on us to get the job done right the first time.

-To answer all questions and concerns about your wood burning appliance.

Our knowledgeable staff can answer any question and concern you may have about your wood burning stove or fireplace. This can include fire safety, proper firewood handling as well as suggestions to improve your existing systems. We are more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

-To remove an old rusted chimney cap and replace it with a new/updated chimney cap.

Maintaining a good chimney cap is an important factor with regard to keeping undesirable elements out such as animals, birds, rain and snow. Any one of these undesirables can affect the function, safety and life of your chimney. We can update as well as replace your old worn chimney cap at a reasonable price while saving you time and money.

-To inspect your chimney and see if it meets safety standards and determine if your chimney needs to be swept.

We provide our customers with a hassle free inspection of their chimneys in order to determine if work needs to be done. No matter if a simple cleaning needs to be performed or other safety issues need to be resolved, Advanced Chimney sweeps can handle the job for you.

-To keep you from going up on the roof.

Climbing on to a roof and performing routine and not so routine tasks can be dangerous for the average home owner. The inexperienced can not only run the risk of damaging their home or chimney, they can also run the risk of hurting themselves as well. We not only have the ability to quickly and safely meet our customers’ needs, we are also extremely careful not to damage the home as well from working from the rooftop.