Advanced Chimney provides a wide range of services to our clients to ensure that your chimney-related problem can be solved no matter how big or small it is. Whether you need simple chimney sweeping or for us to take on the complicated task of waterproofing your Woodstock chimney, we dedicate ourselves to doing an exemplary job the first time to ensure that you are more than satisfied with our work.

Chimney sweeping is needed if the creosote buildup in your chimney is over 1/8 thick. This is mandated by the National Fire Protection Association, so it is actually illegal to not have your chimney swept when the buildup gets this thick. Our chimney sweeping services in Marietta will remove the creosote through heavy brushing. You may need chimney caps and rain pans to prevent water damage and to keep animals out and sparks in.

We also do chimney repairs on any part of the chimney- inside or out. You should check for repairs each year before the first time that you light a fire in the chimney; this will ensure that your family and home stay safe. We can also help you install gas logs if you prefer to have your fires that way. We install gas logs that you have already purchased in addition to the ones that you can purchase from our products page.

If you are having smoke problems, we can also help you solve them to ensure that you can enjoy your fire without having to deal with smoke billowing into your home. There are many different causes for this; you can rest assured that we will find your cause and repair it effectively. The same goes for waterproofing- a chimney can be a major source of water damage to your home, so we will work to prevent any water from entering the chimney. We can also install or repair dryer vents to ensure proper drying time and function.