Most homeowners don’t realize that chimneys can become quite damaged from water. The water wears away at the bricks in the chimney. It also erodes the mortar that holds the chimney together. If homeowners do not keep an eye on their chimneys for water damage, they could see their chimneys crumble. This could lead to damage to a home, or even worse it could hurt a person when it falls.

Homeowners in Atlanta, Georgia need to take care of their chimneys by getting a good waterproofing job from the experts at Advanced Chimney Sweeps. They do a great job of inspecting chimneys for leaks or weathering that could lead to problems. When they find leaks or water damage in a chimney, they will restore it to like new condition. They will then put into place waterproofing techniques that will protect the chimney from being damage in the future.

The first step that Advanced Chimney Sweeps takes is to thoroughly inspect the chimney for damage. They look closely to see if there is any evidence of damaged, missing, loose or cracked flashings. If they find a problem with the flashings, they will replace the flashing with a new, high quality flashing along with a waterproof sealant to protect it.

Next, they will go over all the bricks in the chimney with a fine-toothed comb. If there are any crumbling or missing bricks, they will replace them. If there are any cracks in the bricks, damaged mortar or missing mortar, then they will use a chimney saver product or crack filler to plug the holes. They also will cover the damaged areas with a strong water sealant that will prevent any further damage.

One of the best parts of their waterproofing service is the use of their special sealant to completely waterproof the chimney. This water sealant is very impressive. Not only does it prevent water from coming into the chimney, but it also allows moisture that is in the chimney to escape. Unlike most typical water sealants, the water sealant they use is breathable to prevent water from getting trapped inside the chimney.