Advanced Chimney Sweeps was created by a licensed Georgia firefighter in 1989. The corporation offers an assortment of services, including:

  • Chimney sweeping
  • Chimney and fireplace checks
  • Chimney maintenance
  • Prevention of creosote accumulation
  • Gas log installation
  • Substitution of corroded chimney caps

Advanced Chimney Sweeps stay current with the rules and protocols in the North Georgia region and are fully certified and insured. Gas log installations are becoming more and more popular. The accessibility of having prompt and competent, comfy heat with the ability to carefully switch off your fire when you go to sleep or leave the house is appealing to most. No flickers, blazing cinders, or creosote accumulation eradicates hazardous chimney fires.

Gas logs stop the purchasing, packing, and carrying of kindling. Also, there is no messy tidying of debris, no chimney washing, and no danger of insects, either. Burning gas logs is a beneficial choice as they generate 35-45% fewer releases than kindling and produce no particulate substance that damages the atmosphere. Gas logs have shown to be more ecologically-friendly; keeping the air fresher, while guarding the woodlands.

An additional advantage is that purer air can signify that allergies and asthmatic illnesses worsened by wood fires are eradicated when burning gas logs. Gas logs can be connected in most present or new fireplaces. The specialists at Advanced Chimney Sweeps would be happy to connect a gas log set that you have previously bought, or you can buy one directly from Advanced Chimney Sweeps’ website.

There are two kinds of gas logs: Vent and vent-free.

Vented gas logs necessitate the chimney duct to be ajar. They can be fit in outside fireplaces and fire pits. With vent-free logs, the duct can be shut as the logs are functioning. A vent-free fireplace has no vent or regulator.  In most cases, vented logs appear more like a kindling fire while vent-free logs distribute more warmth. The personnel’s significance are care and customer gratification. They are prepared and eager to help with any inquiries. Presented is a no-mess pledge. Feel free to contact the Georgia chimney company for free telephone and email approximations.