When you are looking for waterproofing services in Woodstock, Georgia, Advanced Chimney Sweeps is at your service. We can tackle a wide variety of jobs for your home, and our team is dedicated to making sure that you receive outstanding workmanship and lasting repairs. We offer free estimates, and we are happy to discuss any concerns that you may have. Whether you need a routine inspection, have noticed a leak around your chimney or you need to repair loose or missing mortar, we have the training, tools and equipment to make sure that your project is safely finished in a quality manner.

Waterproofing Your Woodstock, Georgia Chimney

Our team takes pride in helping you protect the investment that you have made in your home. As part of our approach, we work hard to provide you with waterproofing services that can reduce the chances of costly repairs at a later basis. Chimneys can present a leak hazard, and it is essential to make sure that your bricks and mortar are completely sealed. Surrounding your home’s chimney is an aluminum, steel or copper flashing that keeps water away. Over time, the flashing may work loose or it may require sealant application around the corners and top. We will take the time to thoroughly inspect your chimney and make sure that the flashing and associated components are in outstanding condition.

Because the bricks that make up your chimney may also absorb water, we can treat the surface with a specially made product that protects you from any leaks. Our waterproofing services are a proactive way to make sure that your home and family are safe, and we take pride in making sure that you receive a customized approach to your waterproofing needs. With our highly trained team, we strive to ensure that your job is safely completed, and we strive to build lasting relationships with each of our clients. Whether you need to have your chimney cleaned, want a preventive maintenance inspection or you have encountered a leak, we will make sure that you receive a prompt, quality and lasting repair.