A roaring fire in the fireplace can make a home so comfortable and cozy when the weather outside is cold and damp. But most homeowners throughout northern Georgia don’t realize that every time they light their fireplace, a build-up of creosote develops inside their chimney. In addition, high winds can damage the flue of the fireplace and over time, cracks can develop on the back wall of the firebox, all of which makes a fireplace less energy efficient as well as increasing the danger of a fire outbreak.

In order to prevent an unexpected fire and to maintain clean and smooth operation of any fireplace, homeowners from Alphareta to Woodstock can trust the expert assistance offered by Advanced Chimney Sweeps in handling any necessary chimney repairs in addition to removing the dangerous build-up of the crusty creosote substance that accumulates inside the chimney.

When a certified chimney sweep from Advanced Chimney Sweeps takes a look at any repair problem, he can quickly determine the most cost effective solution so that the fireplace will be safe and usable again. Our technicians use the most state of the art equipment and supplies to ensure that both cleaning and repair operations are done as thoroughly as possible. Advanced Chimney Sweeps enjoys a reputation throughout the greater Atlanta metropolitan area for offering fast, friendly and affordable chimney repairs in addition to sweeping services that keep any fireplace operating smoothly and efficiently.

Customers receive fast response to any emergency repair situation. On every repair visit, a technician will not only attend to repairs that are visually evident but will also perform a routine check of the masonry work, the flashing, the crown and any other chimney parts that may need attention. Use of a HEPA filter vacuum ensures no mess or dirt left behind for the homeowner to clean up. Advanced Chimney Sweeps offers customers more than two decades of experienced repair and cleaning services and guarantees the quality of its work. Customers especially like our “No Mess” Guarantee and the fact that our technicians are all licensed and certified to handle all chimney repairs, large or small.