This time of year, as homeowners are opening their flues for the first fire of the winter season, they may be noticing that something isn’t quite right up there. Whether it’s a blockage or leaking rain water, Advanced Chimney Sweeps’ service is your best way of finding a safe and effective solution to the problem.

Most leaks are caused by or exacerbated by faulty rain pans, also known as chase covers, that allow rain water to leak into the fire box. Rain pans can be damaged, usually by storms or wildlife. They can also be rust damaged. Either way, they are letting water into places it shouldn’t go.

Sometimes, a faulty rain pan can be repaired; however, this is not always the best solution. Technicians at Advanced Chimney Sweeps can easily replace the pan with a new and more efficient model designed to last the lifetime of your chimney and to provide better protection against the fierce North Georgia elements.

The Woodstock area has experienced especially damp weather this autumn, drawing homeowners attention to many household leaks that might have otherwise gone unnoticed until substantial damage occurred over time. This includes chase cover leakage, which if left alone or repaired incorrectly, can lead to more serious problems in the future, including costly damage to the roof, fireplace, or woodwork.

When replacing rain pans, a professional chimney sweep can offer custom options that fit your budget and the look of your home, without sacrificing quality or durability. After all, quality pans are meant to last! The same can be said for the work that goes into installing them.

If you suspect your rain pan has rusted through or has been damaged by weather or wildlife, it may be time for repairs or a replacement. Contact Advanced Chimney Sweeps for a consultation today!