The ancient craft of the chimney sweep is alive and well. This ancient trade is still being plied all across the country as more homes now include fireplaces as part of their amenity package. One of the best at the trade is Advanced Chimney Sweeps, the foremost Chimney Sweep in the Woodstock/Roswell area.

In actuality, the whimsical the chimney sweep character as portrayed in Mary Poppins serves a valuable role in keeping our homes and families safe. A chimney that has not been kept clean is a hazard awaiting a fire. When we use our fireplaces, the wood we burn gives off dangerous, tar-like build-up known as creosote which attaches itself to inside walls of our chimney stacks. This is a very volatile material that can easily set itself ablaze when a fire is lit in the fireplace. That is the reason that chimneys should be properly cleaned at least annually and more often if usage is very heavy.

A recommendation from experts in the field states that once the buildup of creosote reaches ?” deep, it’s time to call Advanced Chimney Services in Woodstock for help. The professionals at Advance Chimney can be counted on for prompt and efficient service. The company has been at it for almost a quarter of a century. As a certified chimney sweep, they take no shortcuts for your safety.

When they begin the sweeping process, they carefully cover the area in front of the fireplace with heavy tarps to prevent any soot stains on carpets. They scrape the flue then sweep it with specially designed brushes that get to every nook and cranny. All the soot that has been loosened will be swept and removed from the firebox. Finally, using special HEPA filter vacuums, all the residue is removed, bagged and properly disposed of. Every job comes with our “No Mess” guarantee.

While on the roof, your fireplace flashings, crown and masonry will be thoroughly inspected and repaired if needed. When we leave, you and your family can rest assured that your chimney has been properly and safely maintained.