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Chimney Leak Repair North Atlanta

Chimney Leaks Atlanta GAAll fireplaces and chimneys require periodic maintenance to prevent water leaks and damage to the home.

If you are experiencing a water leak, contact us to schedule a chimney inspection. We will send a technician to inspect the flashing around your chimney, a common source for leaks, as well as the actual chimney itself. Then, we’ll explain the problem and make recommendations for a repair with a detailed, no-obligation estimate.

How To Prevent Chimney Leaks

To prevent water leaks and damage to your home we look for loose, missing, cracked or damaged flashings. Deteriorated flashing should be replaced or repaired with a high quality flashing and sealant.

To prevent major repairs, make minor repairs as soon as problems arise. If some bricks are loose or cracked or chipped; you may have serious water damage problems. Minor cracks in bricks that are not loose can be filled with crack filler or a chimney saver product. The same goes for loose or missing mortar joints.

If water is finding its way into the chimney we can treat it with a high quality water repellent made for masonry chimneys that is 100% breathable. Avoid typical water sealers that may trap water vapors inside the chimney causing more damage.