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Certified Chimney Sweeping North Atlanta

Why Do You Need a Chimney Sweep?

Atlanta Chimney Sweep CompanyIf you have a typical fireplace or wood burning stove, the wood you use will not be burned completely. Smoke contains tar-like liquids, unburned gases and vapors which can result in a potentially dangerous build-up known as creosote. The National Fire Prevention Association indicates that when the creosote build-up exceeds 1/8 of an inch, is the time to contact your local chimney sweep.

A certified, professional chimney sweep company will use special brushes to remove the creosote and ensure that your chimney is functioning properly once again. Professional chimney sweeps know and practice the latest safety standards to keep you and your home safe from harmful creosote, dust and other particles.

Our Chimney Sweeping Process

  • A tarp will be placed on the floor in front of the fireplace to keep the area clean.
  • Our equipment is placed on the tarp, including a large HEPA filter vacuum. All airborne dust will go into the vacuum leaving no mess in the home.
  • The technician will sweep the chimney flue with the proper-sized brush.
  • On the roof, the technician will check the masonry condition of the chimney, the flashing, crown and other chimneys issues.
  • Back inside the flue will be sweep with brushes that remove the loose creosote buildup. The firebox and smoke chamber will be swept and ready for use.
  • Finally, ashes in the firebox are bagged for disposal in the trash, or if available, in the compost/green bin.