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Chimney Repair: Advanced Chimney Sweeps Provide An Essential Service

Whether you use your fireplace as a primary source of heat or an emergency backup to a HVAC system, keeping the chimney clean is of the utmost important. A professional chimney sweep will definitely make sure that the safety of your home is not compromised. Here are some of the key benefits of hiring a professional chimney sweep.

Smoke Inhalation

An unclean chimney certainly presents a potential health concern. Excess residue on the walls of the chimney dramatically increase the likelihood of smoking entering the home. A professional chimney sweep will check the entire chimney area to make sure that is properly sealed. If there are any leaks, the chimney sweep company will make the necessary repairs. This is a major benefit to the Marietta Georgia residents who are suffering from allergies and other breathing-related health ailments.

Enhanced Safety

Over time, the byproducts of a fireplace can gradually build up within a chimney. With temperatures exceeding 2000 degrees, the soot can easily become ignited in a matter of seconds. This can quietly cause an uncontrollable house fire. A professional chimney sweep will give the homeowner an extra sense of security.

Prevents Corrosion

Although brick and mortar are known to be very durable, the harsh environment of a chimney still poses a threat to their longevity. The metal components are also subject to corrosion. If the creosote from the smoke is not removed in a timely manner, it can cause the premature corrosion of the entire chimney system.


A chimney that is overwhelmed by the presence of soot and creosote is much less efficient. The heat that is produced by a wood-burning stove will not be adequate if the chimney system is clogged.

Maintenance and Repair

The truth of the matter is that most homeowners do not inspect their chimney system on a regular basis. An experienced chimney sweep takes the time to inspect every aspect of the fireplace and chimney. Upon inspection, the chimney sweep might reveal problems such as a crack in the back wall of the fireplace or a deteriorating flue.