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What Is Included In A Chimney Inspection?

In Marietta, Georgia, we know that summers can be sweltering, but the winters can get downright cold. With Advanced Chimney Sweeps, you can be sure that your chimney is safe to use through the cold months with our specialized inspection techniques. From a basic cleaning to a structural repair, we have you covered for all your heating needs.

Structural Integrity

It is critical to have your chimney inspected once a year. If you use it consistently through the fall and winter, it may have structural issues after several years. Although the chimney’s construction is meant to endure heating expansion and contraction, parts and walls can crack with years of stress. Allow Advanced Chimney Sweeps to look over your entire chimney, both exterior and interior, to clear it for safe use. The best time of year to have your chimney checked is the spring and summer. During our off-season, we can complete your appointment promptly before the busy fall and winter begin.

Broken Parts

Chimneys are not just empty pipes funneling smoke out of a fire box, there are moving parts that can break down. The flue opening mechanism may malfunction, making it critical for us to fix your chimney quickly. Similar to an open window, an open flue allows heat to escape your home, wasting energy and making the entire house cold. The fire box may crack or have flaking paint, or a gas log system could need servicing. Advanced Chimney Sweeps can inspect, and replace parts, for a reasonable price to get your home back to starting warm fires.


The main part of our inspections encompass cleanliness issues. As you burn firewood, creosote slowly builds on the flue and pipe walls. If the buildup is significant, it can actually catch fire during the next chimney use. Our inspections give you a clear picture of the chimney’s fire hazard probability. We typically recommend a basic cleaning to keep buildup at bay.

Contact Advanced Chimney Sweeps today for all your inspection needs. Our specialized tools make it easy for us to determine your home’s needs for a safe fire-burning season.