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Every Chimney Needs a Liner

While some homeowners use their fireplace only on special occasions, there are others who depend on their fireplace as a reliable heating source. Properly maintaining the chimney system is critical for the efficiency and safety of a fireplace. Each year, dozens of Georgia homes experience a chimney fire. In most cases, the chimney did not have an effective liner. Here are some of the benefits of installing a new chimney liner.

Easier to Clean
Installing a chimney liner makes the chimney much easier to clean. Without a proper liner, the chimney is susceptible to collecting deposits along the wall. Not only are these deposits difficult to clean, but they are also prone to catching on fire. A chimney liner simplifies the job of an Atlanta chimney sweep.

Enhanced Safety
Often times, a chimney fire can occur without the homeowner even knowing it. Chimney fires can have a detrimental impact on the structural integrity of the chimney system. Installing a chimney liner dramatically decreases the likelihood of a sudden fire. The extra peace of mind is well worth the cost of a new chimney liner.

Less Smoke and Fumes
An inefficient chimney system can cause smoke and fumes to enter the inside of the home. Unfortunately, this can cause a variety of health problems. A chimney liner helps to ensure that the smoke from a wood stove is smoothly discharged from the chimney. A cold, damp chimney is far more likely to cause a buildup of smoke. In order for the gases to escape quickly, the chimney must remain warm.

Protects the Brickwork
Over time, sulfur deposits can damage the brickwork on the inside of a chimney. This makes the chimney system a lot less efficient. A properly installed chimney liner will definitely extend the life of the surrounding brickwork. This is especially important for the Marietta homeowners who use their wood stove on a frequent basis.