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Wood Stoves Offer Several Benefits

With the arrival of modern HVAC systems, many of today’s homeowners have forgotten about traditional fireplaces. Although the wood stove has been around for centuries, it still remains one of the most effective heating sources. Here are some of the key advantages to installing a new wood stove. 

Romantic Backdrop
There is nothing more romantic than being able to snuggle up beneath the beautiful flames of a fireplace. Whether you are eating a scrumptious meal or reminiscing about past adventures, the glow of the fireplace will certainly provide a passionate setting. 

Supplemental Heat
As most residents of Marietta, GA already know, a major ice storm can cause an extended power outage. Instead of enduring the freezing cold, homeowners can use their wood stove. Not only will a wood stove produce the necessary warmth, but the extra light will also come in handy. 

Unlike a gas heater or HVAC unit, a wood stove can actually be used for cooking. While some people may just need to warm up some coffee or soup, others may choose to cook an actual meal. A wood stove’s ability to cook food is especially beneficial during a power outage. 

Saves Money
The cost of firewood is much less expensive than electricity or natural gas. A wood stove can actually be used to heat the entire home. By using firewood to heat the household, homeowners in Georgia can save hundreds of dollars during the winter. In some instances, a person may be able gather firewood from their own property. 

In an effort to protect the atmosphere, everyone is encouraged to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Firewood is a renewable resource that can be replenished by replanting trees. Contrary to popular belief, wood stoves do not release any harmful emissions into the environment.