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Gas Fireplace Logs

Gas fireplace logs are the perfect answer to having a beautiful addition to your fireplace. A realistic authentic looking heat color with an amber glow gives a natural appearance and is available in propane or natural gas. Constructed of high quality ceramics, these logs give maximum durability and are available in different sizes and burner systems.

There are two types of gas logs. Vented ones look more like a genuine wood fire with the requirement that the chimney flue be open while the logs are operating. Vent-free logs give off more heat and do not require the flue to be open. 

Headquartered in Marietta GA, Advanced Chimney Sweeps is available in the entire North Atlanta metro area not only to provide the type of gas fireplace log that you prefer but also to install one if you have purchased it elsewhere. 

The company, originated in 1989 by a certified Georgia firefighter, also can take care of all your chimney needs including sweeping, necessary inspections of your fireplace and chimney that are essential for safe and efficient wood burning, any needed repairs, helping to prevent creosote build-up and using special brushes to remove combustible creosote and restore the proper functioning of the chimney, and replacement of any rusty chimney caps.

How often should a fireplace be cleaned? Even though every fireplace is different, having it cleaned after burning the first cord of wood is a recommended start to determine your cleaning frequency. We scrub your fireplace and chimney using specifically designed tools. 

If you ever notice smoking, back-drafting or losing heat, you should have it checked for creosote build-up immediately. Our professionally trained chimney sweeps can accurately determine this and other safety issues. Our local fully licensed and insured business even guarantees a totally mess-proof job.

We at Advanced Chimney Sweeps are happy to give free telephone and email estimates in the serviced North Georgia area.