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Why Your Chimney Needs a Cap

Spring is in full swing in Atlanta and with spring comes rain. Here at Advanced Chimney Sweeps we get many calls from people complaining about their fireplace smelling of soot and smoke. That smell often times comes from a wet chimney. Without a cap rain comes down the chimney and causes the chimney to smell more than when it is dry.

Chimney Cap Installation by Advanced Chimney Sweeps in Marietta GAA chimney cap saves the interior components of the fireplace from rusting and protects clay tile and mortar erosion. A cap also keeps birds and animals out of the house as well. If you find your house smells more after rainy days keep this in mind and look to see if your cap has come off or shifted, due to a heavy wind and weather.

Advanced Chimney Sweeps of Marietta Georgia has a team of skilled technicians to repair or replace your damaged or non-exsistant chimney cap.  Chimney cap installation service is free of charge when you hire one of our trained technicians to install one of our masonry or metal covers.  Installation is also included in the purchase of our custom chimney caps.  Choose from heavy sheet metal, stainless steel, copper or masonry materials to match the look of your home.

Protecting your home with a chimney cap can save thousands of dollars on repairs and damage due to animals, moisture or even burning embers on your roof which can cause a more serious house fire.  Contact the experts at Advanced Chimney Sweeps to inspect, replace or install a chimney cover and protect your home and family from unnecessary harm.