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What Causes a Leaking Chimney?

As summer storms begin rolling into the Atlanta area be sure to have your chimney inspected if you detect a leak before it is too late. Early detection of water damage can save homeowners the greater expense of a larger repair. Advanced Chimney Sweeps of Marietta, Georgia offers repair services for leaking chimneys and offers some insight on what may be the cause of the problem.

Raining on the roof

Here are some the likely causes of leaking chimneys…

  1. Missing Chimney Cover (or Cap): Simply stated– rain can pour straight down when a cover is not in place. Not only does it keep the rain out, it keeps out debris, birds and other animals.
  2. Inadequate Flashing: Flashing acts as a water tight connection between the roof and chimney.  With time, the metal flashing becomes less effective and more susceptible to leaks.
  3. Cracked Brick or Mortar Joint Damage: Damaged brick or mortar joints can leak and hold in moisture more effectively especially if they are located shaded areas.
  4. Damaged Chimney Crown: Rain can seep into a cracked chimney crown and if left over time, can turn into large cracks and possible replacement.


If you detect a chimney leak contact a professional who will inspect the area and perform necessary tests to determine the cause of the water leak.  A qualified chimney inspection can detect issues early to avoid costly repairs.  Be sure to schedule your inspection before the winters months and contact a certified chimney sweep right away if you detect a leak.

Advanced Chimney Sweeps offers free no obligation estimates along with their recommendations to resolve your chimney leak. In addition to repair services they offer chimney sweeping, cap, rain pan and liner installation, dryer vent cleaning, and gas log installation.