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Cozy Up This Winter With a Wood Stove

There’s nothing like the ambiance of a wood burning stove in the frigid days of winter.  And the radiant heat delivered from stoves is unparalleled to gas or electric heating.  There are many benefits to choosing a wood burning stove to heat your home comfortably, affordably and responsibly.  Advanced Chimney Sweeps of Marietta, Georgia offers some thoughts on why wood burning stoves are beneficial…

Provides Comfort With Radiant Heat

Many of us have fond memories of relaxing around a fire with family and friends during cold winter months.  Not only does it provide warmth from the heat of the fire, it adds a particular coziness and romantic feel unlike any heating appliance.  Burning wood also provides a sort of gratification from the experience for some.

A Renewable Energy Source

We all know that wood is a renewable energy source that will not deplete the earth’s natural resources if forested properly.  Using wood instead of oil, gas, or coal is a smart solution for heating.  Plus, it requires no power! So when your neighborhood goes black, take comfort in knowing that you have a source of heat and light from your wood stove.

Cost Effective Heating

Wood stove heating is one of the most cost effective ways to heat your home.  It offers a lower cost per BTU than any other fuels or electricity.  It also offers a better way to efficiently limit heat to certain areas of your home.  When placed in inhabited spots, wood stoves can effectively warm an area while leaving less inhabited spots cooler.  The latest models of wood stoves are designed to get the maximum amount of heating efficiency.

Ready to get a wood stove?  Check out our selection on Models here.  Then schedule a time with us and we will handle the installation.

Advanced Chimney Sweeps wishes you a warm & cozy winter!