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The Importance of a Chimney Inspection

Homeowners are usually quick to perform necessary repairs to keep their homes beautiful. However, it’s easy to overlook one structural component that not only involves beauty, but safety as well: the fireplace chimney. Though the prevention of smoke or fire damage from a filthy chimney is the number one consideration, there are other good reasons to invest in a professional chimney inspection.

Does Your Chimney Need Cleaning?

ThinkstockPhotos-455649253As most homeowners know, creosote, a flammable, tar-like by-product of wood burning, can build up quickly in any chimney. Though the buildup depends on the frequency with which the fireplace is used and the type of wood burned, it’s safe to say that in just one season a chimney can become a potential hazard. A professional chimney inspection easily reveals the problem, and the cleaning is efficiently performed.

Does Your Chimney Have Any Structural Damage?

Another good reason to have a chimney inspection is to spot problems in the mortar, bricks, and roof flushing. Though most people associate chimney inspection with just cleaning, the inspector is also able to spot cracks in brick mortar that can lead to serious problems. Also, any interior and exterior brick damage is also surveyed to maintain the integrity of the chimney as a whole. At roof level, where the chimney exits from the attic, inspectors are also able to check for problems with the flushing, which are the materials used to fill in the space between brick and roof. Damage to any of these components can lead to structural safety problems over time.

When Should You Get A Chimney Inspection?

To be on the safe side, it’s best to have a yearly chimney inspection. These are often best performed in the spring and summer months so that identified problems can be fixed before fireplace season begins. This regular preventive maintenance has the additional benefit of saving money in the long run.

Who Should Perform A Chimney Inspection?

Leave it to the experts to diagnose any chimney concerns with a thorough inspection from a certified and licensed chimney sweep.  Advanced Chimney of Marietta, Georgia is a certified chimney sweep and member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild.  We offer superior service for all of your chimney needs.  Schedule a free estimate with us today.