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Summer Chimney Checklist

Part of tiled roof with brick chimney against blue sky with beautiful cloud formations and diagonal composition

You’re probably not thinking much about cozying up to a nice warm crackling fire in your fireplace during these hot and hazy days of summer. Instead, many of us are kicking back and relaxing at the pool, beach or where ever the summer takes you. Advanced Chimney Sweeps of Marietta Georgia reminds you of the importance of chimney maintenance before the cold months.

Your chimney can undergo a lot of stress between the heat of your fires, the moisture of the winter rain and sleet and near freezing temperatures. It’s important to unserstand your chimney or wood-burning appliance and examine it for any problems that can be addressed before the fall season.

Summer Chimney Checklist

  • Perform a visual inspection. Walk around the chimney and look for any damage of cracked or spalling bricks, crumbling or missing mortar or discoloration.
  • Check to make sure your chimney cap is still in place and check the crown for cracks and the chase cover for any rust or holes.
  • Chimney flashing at the chimney base should also be checked for cracks or holes.
  • Inside the fireplace check the firebox for missing mortar joints or cracks and smoke stains.
  • Check the damper operation by opening and closing it and make sure it is free of damage.

If your summer chimney checklist reveals any of the above concerns call a professional to to have your chimney swept and inspected before the cold season.

Consider a chimney sweeping and inspection of your oil or gas furnace, fireplace or wood stove with Advanced Chimney Sweeps.  A summer inspection or cleaning gives you plenty of time to address any concerns before the cold season.