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Cap Your Chimney to Prevent Chimney Swift Nesting

multi flue capChirping sounds coming from your chimney?  Some feathered friends may have taken up residency there this summer.

Chimney Swifts, or Chimney Swallows, are birds that nest and breed in open chimneys in the Eastern United States. They are one of the world’s fastest birds and migrate all the way to South America in the winter.

Chimney Swifts construct little nests made from twigs. The nest looks like a three inch trivet attached to the wall of the chimney. Normally only one family of birds occupies a chimney but occasionally two families will share a larger space.

These little birds arrive in this part of the country in the Spring. They do their thing and raise their young mainly in May and June. Chimney Swifts are very active and create a ton of noise. The cool thing is they leave in mid to late summer. Normally they remove their nest as they leave.

If you don’t have a cap on your chimney, you have until the beginning of spring to avoid problems with Chimney Swifts. Once the birds start to breed, it is our recommendation that the top shouldn’t be covered. Trapping a bird in the chimney causes other unpleasant problems. Remember, they leave in mid to late summer.

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