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Summer Is Maintenance Time For Your Chimney

Summer Is Maintenance Time For Your ChimneyAfter a long winter of use, a chimney needs rest and relaxation, too. Summer is the ideal time to have Advanced Chimney of Marietta, GA inspect and if necessary, clean and repair your chimney. By scheduling maintenance for your chimney in the warmer months, you have no down time and can rely on your chimney to work safely and efficiently when the cooler temperatures return.

Creosote is a residue that can build up in a chimney over time, causing it work less efficiently and can be a cause of chimney fires. A good sweeping can keep the chimney in proper condition and prevent a potential disaster in the future- the experts at Advanced Chimney Sweeps in the Atlanta area can ensure that your chimney is safe for use.

Checking the condition of the chimney’s cap and rain pan should also be done in the summer. Together, these components prevent rain water from damaging the chimney or the house and can help keep birds, rodents and other animals from getting inside the chimney or home. In addition, the chimney cap helps contain stray sparks which might otherwise make their way to the rook and start a fire.

Over time, the chimney can begin to breakdown. Mortar can crack, bricks can loosen. These and other damages can erode over time and make the chimney unstable, inefficient or even cause it to collapse. By having the chimney inspected each summer, problems like these can be caught early and repaired before they become a hazard for the homeowner.

Other problems that can occur with chimneys include smoke or water entering the residence. In the case of smoke, the cause can be tricky to unearth. Everything from positive and negative air pressure in the home to your HVAC system can be affecting the smoke’s flow. If water is the problem, waterproofing seals can be applied to the chimney to prevent further leaking and damage. In both cases, a trained chimneysweep from Advanced Chimney Sweeps can investigate and determine the cause of the problem.

Use the summer months to inspect and maintain any chimneys on the property. Any repairs can be done relatively quickly and without disruption to the regular use of the chimney. The chimney will be in tip top shape, come fall and winter, ready for safe, efficient use when needed.