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Chimney Safety For Your Home

Chimney Safety For Your Home

The chimney is one of the most important pieces of a home, and at times, it can also be the most volatile. Routine cleanings and repairs are vital to the safety of your home. That’s why Advanced Chimney Sweeps is a company focused on taking great care of your home’s chimney. With locations scattered all over the entire North Atlanta metro area, they can quickly dispatch a technician to your home when it’s most convenient for you.

The most important thing about chimney safety is to avoid carbon monoxide gas entering the home. When bricks block chimneys, animals, nests, or whatever else could obstruct the airflow, it becomes more and more possible for carbon monoxide gas to get into the house. The chimney has to be able to use fresh air from outside to function properly. That’s the reason chimneys are designed the way they are in the first place. Without that source of fresh oxygen going all throughout the chimney, there can be some dangerous situations.

Chimney fires are all real hazards that must be kept in check. When the wood burns, it creates a byproduct called creosote. The creosote must be removed often from the chimney or else the chances of a fire increase exponentially. Clean chimneys can still catch on fire, but the heat and intensity of those fires are small compared to one packed with creosote. It’s important to note that chimney maintenance saves homes and lives every year. Scheduling a cleaning by Advanced Chimney Sweeps ensures that you’re doing your part to keep fires and poisonous gasses at bay.

One way you can prevent too much creosote from building up in the first place is to make sure your wood is burning evenly. Pinewoods should never be burned in a chimney, and the same applies to green woods and wet woods. Small droplets of tar from these substances can form on the inside of the walls and cause fire hazards. The friendly workers from Advanced Chimney Sweeps will have your chimney cleaned and running better in no time. You can contact the company today to make an appointment that fits your busy schedule.