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Maintaining Your Gas Fireplace

All fireplaces need some upkeep, even your gas fireplace. Keeping your gas fireplace in pristine condition can help you avoid issues in the future. Maintaining gas fireplace is less of a hassle than maintaining a traditional fireplace. However, homeowners should still take the necessary steps to keep their fireplace efficient and functional. At Advanced Chimney Sweeps in Atlanta, GA, we offer a full range of services to help keep your chimney functional, safe, and clean. We work with homeowners all around the Atlanta area to get them the fast and excellent service they need.  Contact Advanced Chimney Sweeps to receive your free telephone or email estimates.

Maintaining Your Gas Fireplace

Like most areas in your home, it is important that you keep your gas fireplace clean. Whether you use your gas fireplace every day or once a year, keeping it clean is important to the function of your gas fireplace and the safety of your home. You should clean your gas fireplace at least once a month, and during that time, you should check for any damage or discrepancies in your foundation. Clean any dirt or buildup using a soft cloth. You also want to check for cracks, fractures, or dents on the doorway of your gas fireplace. Chips or fractures can be hazardous in the future if they are not properly addressed.

Chimney Sweeping in Atalanta, GA
Cleaning your gas fireplace is equally as important as having your chimney swept regularly. Most experts recommend sweeping your chimney once a year. At Advanced Chimney Sweeps we offer yearly inspections for your chimney. During your chimney inspection, our technicians will let you know if the fire box, smoke chamber, flue pipes and caps need to be replaced. We thoroughly check for damages and we also offer a detailed analysis of any services you may need to improve your chimney.

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