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Can A Wet & Cold Winter Ruin My Chimney?

We rarely ever see snow in the Atlanta area. However, this winter has been colder and wetter than normal. Our close to freezing temperatures this winter, mixed with all the rain that we have received will cause your chimney to expand and contract. This expansion and contraction will create cracks, gaps and even deteriorate your mortar. Prolonged exposure to water/moisture like we have had this winter will cause water to seep in your bricks, which will weaken them.

When these bricks weaken, water will leak down your chimney and can cause many different types of damage including: 

  • Your interior walls can be stained
  • Your chimney exterior can be stained
  • Your entire chimney stack can become crooked or even collapse
  • Bad odors from water mixing with creosote from your chimney

What Can I Do?

  • Have A Chimney Cap Installed
    • A chimney cap is the most inexpensive method for preventing water from saturating your chimney. Without a chimney cap, much larger amounts of water will enter your chimney than with a chimney cap. Also, chimney caps have multiple purposes such as keeping animals and other wildlife from entering your chimney as they include a mesh wall around them.
  • Have A Cricket Installed
    • Cricket is an excellent tool that will keep water that lands on your roof away from your chimney. Of course, it all depends on where your chimney is located, but sometimes a chimney may be found in a place where water steadily hits your chimney structure. A cricket will help ensure your chimney is not bombarded with water year round.
  • Have Your Chimney Waterproofed
    • Chimney materials are very porous and tend to absorb large amounts of water, so waterproofing depending on the location of your chimney and the amount of water that your chimney structure comes in contact with will depend if waterproofing will be effective or is the right decision for your chimney. We will be happy to discuss waterproofing options with you.

Schedule An Inspection

If you are concerned about your chimney due to the wet and cold weather that we have been experiencing this winter, ADVANCED CHIMNEY SWEEPS OF MARIETTA, GA can provide the service you need. As certified chimney specialists, we provide complete repair services for chimneys suffering from cracks, gaps or crumbling mortar.

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