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Make Sure Your Chimney Is Ready For Summer

Wow, what a winter we just had here in Georgia with record-breaking winds and rainfalls. We made it through, and we are hoping that your chimney did as well. However, if it has not made it through and you suffered from a crack or leak, now is the time to give us a call to get your chimney repaired!

If your chimney did make it through the winter time, then guess what? With the summer about to be upon us, now you get to add heat to a mix up of high winds and heavy rains.

We have listed a few things that can go wrong with your chimney during winter weather and winter storms. 

Flue Damage

  • If any protective material is damaged or broken during a storm, this will lead water to the Flue Liner. This can cause your flue liner to rust and deteriorate. As this deterioration progresses, this will cause moisture, heat, smoke and other gases to enter your home. This can cause serious damage to the people inside your home and is a potential fire hazard.

Cap Damage

  • The cap of your chimney is a cover that sits on top of your chimney and is designed to help prevent water, debris, and animals from damaging your chimney. Severe storms and high winds can damage your cap or even remove it completely. Caps are also subject to rusting which can allow for water damage to your chimney.

Flash Damage

  • Flash material is installed where your chimney meets your roof. This material is designed to prevent water and debris from damaging your chimney and the masonry on your chimney. Just like your cap, high winds and heavy rain can damage the flash leaving your chimney open to moisture and erosion. 

Your house is an investment and safe place for you and your family to live, and your chimney is apart of your house, making your chimney a priority when it comes to protecting the value of your home and family.

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