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How To Know If My Chimney Has An Airflow Issue

A fireplace is great for your home for several different reasons such as entertaining guests, a centerpiece for your holiday decorations, and even a way to cut your energy cost due to rising electricity and gas costs. However, like with almost everything, with positives, there are sure to be some negatives. We have listed some possible reasons that could be wrong with your chimney if you are experiencing a smokey living room or living space around your chimney.


  • If you have smoke coming back into your living area from the chimney, and your chimney is existing for some time, and this is a new problem, the chances are that there is a blockage somewhere within your chimney preventing the smoke from traveling up the chimney. A blockage can be a pretty simple fix such as a bird’s nest, or just a build-up of creosote that needs to be cleaned.

How & What You Burn

  • There may not even be a blockage causing your chimney not to pass the smoke through your chimney as designed. It may actually be what you are burning and how you are burning it.  For example, if you burn paper or pine wood, this will cause more smoke that your chimney has been designed to handle causing a smokey living area inside your home. Also, burning green or unseasoned firewood will also give you a very similar effect.

Poor Draft

  • If you have made it passed the above two concerns, then we may have a more serious issue. If there is no blockage and you are burning your materials within your fireplace, then you may have a design flaw with your chimney. For example, your fireplace may be too short, your flue maybe too small for your fireplace, or you may even need a chimney fan. If you think that you may have a design flaw with your chimney, the best option would be to give us a call as soon as possible.

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