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What Not To Burn In Your Fireplace

While it may seem logical that you can burn just about anything in your fireplace, that is not the case! Burning certain items in your fireplace can result in damaging your fireplace and even releasing certain chemicals and toxins into your home harming you and your loved one. We have made a list of common items that you may have in your home that should never be burned in your fireplace.

Certain Paper & Cardboard Products

  • While it may be very convenient to toss last night’s pizza box in the fireplace, it is not a wise decision as the colored print on the box may actually be painted on and upon burning could release toxic gas or chemicals into your household. The same goes for paper towels with colored print, soda can box, and any other paper or cardboard that has colored print on them.

Anything Plastic

  • It does not matter if your plastic bottle is made of recycled material or not, do not burn plastic anything in your fireplace. This goes for bottles, plastic cartons, or even the plastic bags from the grocery store. Burning plastic will release chemicals that can be dangerous to your health if you breathe them in.

Tree’s & Brush

  • Depending on where you live, it can be a hassle to bag up every small pile of leaves or brush that compile in your yard. However, it is well worth the extra trouble and you may not know everything that you are burning and some plants such as poison ivy, sumac or oak can cause the same allergic reactions when burned as if you were to touch it. The last thing you want in the air in your home is that of a poison brush that can contaminate the air you and your family are breathing.

Painted or Treated Wood

  • This is similar to why you should not burn painted or printed cardboard or paper. Depending on what your wood is painted or treated with, burning it will release toxic chemicals into the air that you and you’re loved will breathe while inside your home.

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