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What To Know About A Chimney Swift

What you need to know about chimney sweeps Advanced Chimney SweepsIf you have a chimney at your home, then you are probably aware of chimney swift, and why they choose chimneys as a preferred nesting spot. You are also probably aware of what to do and what not to do when you hear birds chirping inside your chimney walls. 

What Is  A Chimney Swift?

  • A chimney swift is a small bird that is rather oddly shaped, with a rounded wings and small round head. The head is so small that the beak is barely visible. Both males and females are of the same size and weight.

What Is The Migratory Bird Treaty Act?

  •  Way back in 1918, the USA decided to federally protect this bird from becoming an endangered species by placing the chimney swift under this act. What this does for the chimney swift is punishes anyone that is caught moving, disturbing or destroying a chimney swift or their nest that contains eggs with hefty fines.

Why Do They Choose My Chimney For Their Nest?

  • The chimney swift is actually looking for a nice quiet hollowed out tree for their nest. However, as our trees become more limited due to new construction and growth, these birds will be forced to settle for your man-made chimney. Your man-made chimney resembles a hollow tree as it is dim and enclosed.

What Can I Do Once I Hear Them Chirping or Is It Too Late?

  • Unfortunately, due to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, you will not be able to do anything about the Chimney Swift’s until they have their babies, and leave your chimney for the winter-time. Then you can act by giving us a call, and we can come in to remove the nest, and any bird mites or fecal matter that they may have left behind. We can also prevent them from returning next summer by installing preventative items on your chimney, such as a new chimney cap.

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