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Cleaning Tips That You Can Do For Your Fireplace

Just about everything that you deal with on a regular basis needs proper maintenance and cleaning and the same goes for your fireplace. Proper cleaning of your fireplace will not only help ensure that your fireplace will remain working safely as it should, but will also look as new as it should. 

You may think that you need to be a fireplace professional to simply clean your fireplace; however, it is actually quite the opposite, and we have made an easy to do list at home that you can do before calling a professional to inspect your fireplace.  With proper home cleaning and inspections, you can rest assured that your fireplace will look and operate as intended for many years to come.

Self Inspection

  • Make sure to inspect your chimney and lining for creosote build up. Anytime the creosote builds up over 1/4 thick or more, than a cleaning is mandatory before your next use as it is combustible and can catch fire if not cleaned out and removed.


  • Make sure that your flue is open during the sweeping process as the creosote and soot are not healthy to breathe in. If your vacuum has a brush attachment available on it, then that may be a good option for you as it will help eliminate any debris from entering the air you breathe. Make sure to sweep/vacuum under the logs as well while doing this step.

Check Outside

  • It is always good to make sure that your chimney cap is still installed properly and has not been knocked off by anything. Same goes for the mesh around the sides of the cap as this serves as fire prevention on your fireplace. Also, if you have any lingering branches or bushes around your fireplace, you will want to trim or remove those to help prevent any type of damage or fire to your home.

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