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Why Do I Need a Chimney Liner?

Do you know if your chimney is lined? If you have an older home, it may not be. Chimney liners can also be damaged or failing. What is a chimney liner and why should you have one in your home? Advanced Chimney Sweeps, an experienced chimney sweep in Marietta, explains what a chimney liner is and why they’re a necessity.chimney sweep in marietta

What is a Chimney Liner?

Many fire codes across the country make it necessary for you to have a chimney liner. They line the inside of the chimney and can come in various materials, such as stainless steel, clay, and ceramic. There are many reasons why they’re helpful, but particularly it helps prevent gases from the flue from entering the home.

Why Do I Need a Chimney Liner?

Aside from making sure gases don’t get in your home, chimney liners have many other uses. These gases aren’t harmful to just the people in your home. The gases are acidic and can wear away at the mortar when the chimney isn’t lined. This means more maintenance and the chance that your chimney can fail. It helps the overall structure, both by protecting the mortar and having a second, sturdy layer inside your chimney.

Additionally, it helps to make your chimney and fireplace safer. Without a liner, heat can move through the chimney extremely fast. If you have combustible materials around your fireplace, there’s an increased chance of them catching on fire without a liner. They can go up in flames extremely fast, causing danger to both your house and all of its inhabitants

Lastly, having a chimney liner can improve fuel efficiency. If you have a modern stove or furnace, it also requires a specific-sized chimney. With wood-burning stoves, you can get a large buildup of creosote in the chimney, which is dangerous. With other fuels, carbon monoxide can be produced, which is never something you want.

How Do I Choose a Material?

With a variety of materials available, Advanced Chimney Sweeps can recommend which one would work best for your setup. Clay is common because it’s one of the most cost-effective options. They can usually perform well if the fireplace or stove is maintained properly. However, in the long term, they can crack from being unable to evenly distribute the heat from the fire.

Stainless steel is another option. They’re a quality material to use for chimney lining and can be used for almost any type of stove or furnace. No matter what your fuel type is, stainless steel is ready to take it on. While this is definitely more expensive than clay, it may work best for you in the long run.

Last, your Marietta chimney sweep offers cast-in-place-liners. They’re made in the chimney, fitting smoothly. The material used is similar to cement. While they’re ideal for all fuel types and can be a permanent solution, the complicated installation can lead to a jump in price.

Chimney Liners from Your Chimney Sweep in Marietta

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