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Problems With Chimney Smoke?

Is smoke coming into the room from your fireplace? This is something that needs to be investigated. Advanced Chimney Sweeps, a chimney sweep in Marietta, offers inspections so that we can discover the problem that’s causing this smoke issue in your home. Below are some common problems with chimneys that can lead to smoke blowing into the room.marietta chimney sweep

Causes of Chimney Smoke Problems

There are many reasons why smoke may be coming into the room instead of going up the chimney. It almost always has something to do with the physics of your chimney and something being off with it. Below are common causes of chimney smoke problems:

Chimney Height

There’s a possibility that the installers of your chimney didn’t make it high enough. Chimneys have to be built according to a certain formula for them to work correctly. If any of the dimensions aren’t correct, you have problems with your fireplace. Advanced Chimney Sweeps can examine your chimney and see if they’re able to extend it. If not, there are other techniques to help if this is your issue.

Clogged Flue or Chimney Cap

If you don’t have your chimney cleaned regularly, buildup can happen. This impacts the flow of the smoke being able to get out through your chimney. One of our experienced chimney sweeps can do a thorough cleaning, making sure buildup and other debris are removed. Things like birds and their nests, wasps nests, and even leaves and sticks can get down into the chimney. All of these things impact the way your chimney functions.


If it’s hotter outside than it is inside, you may have a downdraft. This will push smoke down through the chimney and out through the fireplace. Also, it’s important to prime your fireplace on really cold days. Cold, damp air is heavy and it may be hard for the smoke and hotter air to rise up and out. 

Lots of Wind

When the wind is blowing hard outside, it can create a downdraft and blow down into the house. There are specific chimney caps available to help with this if you find yourself living in a windy area and dealing with this frequently. 

For many of these problems, a smoke guard installation can be helpful. These are installed on the top of the entrance of the firebox an allow more time for smoke to go up the chimney, instead of blowing back into the room.

Your Marietta Chimney Sweep

Advanced Chimney Sweeps is here to help you with any problems you’re having with your fireplace. We also offer products and other services, such as dryer vent cleaning. Call us or contact us online today!