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Why Do I Need a Chimney Rain Pan?

Having a suitable chimney pan is crucial for making sure your chimney is working the way it should. Rain pans help to prevent water from getting down into your chimney — an important job. Advanced Chimney Sweeps, a chimney sweep in Marietta, GA, highlights why rain pans are needed.marietta, ga chimney sweep

What is a Rain Pan?

A rain pan stays at the top of a pre-fab fireplace to prevent water from getting into the chimney chase and firebox. They’re usually made out of galvanized steel or another metal that matches the metal of the roof of your chimney chase. When people call because they have leaks coming into their fireplace, it’s usually because the rain pan has rusted through.

Why Rain Pans are Necessary

Water is the number one cause of damage to chimneys. No matter if your chimney chase is made of wood or you have a masonry chimney, water isn’t good for either material. Wood can rot with prolonged exposure to water and mortar and masonry can both become loose or break due to water. It can cause your metal firebox to rust as well.

Just a small, dime-sized hole in your rain pan can cause thousands worth of damage to your home over time. If you notice any water getting into your chimney, call us immediately. We offer complete service for rain pans, be it repairing an existing one or completely replacing your rain pan. 

Chimney Inspections

We provide full chimney inspections if you want to ensure that your rain pan is the only thing that needs to be replaced. Advanced Chimney Sweeps recommends getting a chimney inspection, as you don’t know what damage could be lurking inside if you had a leak that has been going for a long time. With certain leaks, you may not notice it until it gets bigger or you’re ready to use your chimney.

At the very least, you should have your chimney inspected once a year. This can help us hopefully stop things like rain pan leaks before they start. We can also check the structural integrity and every aspect of your chimney. We want to make sure the flow is good and that there’s nothing blocking the chimney or built up inside.

Chimney Sweeping

During an inspection, or even when we’re just replacing a rain pan, we can also do a sweeping of your chimney if there’s buildup or you think it’s needed. There’s a certain amount of creosote that can build up on your chimney before it needs to be cleaned. 

Getting a Rain Pan From Your Marietta, Georgia Chimney Sweep

Whether your rain pan needs to be repaired or replaced, we can take care of it. Call us or get a free estimate online.