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Wood Vs. Gas Fireplace

Wood and gas fireplaces are the two most popular choices for your home. But which one is right for you? At Advanced Chimney Sweeps, we do more than just chimney cleaning in Woodstock. We also have gas logs and other services. Let us help you pick which style fireplace is ideal for your needs.chimney cleaning in woodstock

About Gas Fireplaces

When it comes to efficiency, gas is the fireplace that comes out on top. They’re cleaner and put off fewer emissions. You can save a bit annually, as you won’t need to pay to make sure the chimney is clean and safe. One of the biggest perks of gas fireplaces is that you simply purchase gas logs to give the look of a wood fire without the emissions.

Gas fireplaces also are easier to install. They’re faster to light, allowing you to ensure you have a fire going quickly. If you’re using your fireplace as the primary source of heat in your home, gas is probably the better option. However, they are harder to blend into the room, though they’re available in many styles.

If you want a gas fireplace, you also have to deal with the hassle of a gas line. The glass doors of gas fireplaces get very hot, so it’s important to keep an eye on children or animals that may try to touch them. Not having the smell of burning wood can be a pro or a con of gas fireplaces depending on who you are!

Wood Fireplaces: What to Know

Wood fireplaces are the more traditional option. When you think of curling up by a fireplace, it’s usually this that you imagine. Wood fireplaces have their pros and cons as well. Though they aren’t the most efficient option, they do give you the best atmosphere. They’re cozy and comforting to have in the colder months.

Wood fireplaces don’t require a gas line since all fuel is wooden and placed into the front of the fireplace. They’re able to be built into a room and have a cozy, homey look. If you love the smell of campfires or bonfires, a wood fireplace allows you to have this smell in your own home instead of outside.

With a wood fireplace, they do require chimney sweeping and cleaning due to the particles they give off. Creosote is the residual substance that lines your chimney due to burning wood. The buildup should be cleaned at least once a year to make sure there’s no danger in lighting your fireplace. 

A wood fireplace can take longer to light, but there are special logs and tools to assist you. Wood has to be purchased for the fireplace as well. However, if you own land or know someone that does, you may be able to get wood for a better price than normal.

Gas Logs and Chimney Cleaning in Woodstock

Do you know which option you’re interested in? Call us or get a free estimate online, whether it’s to buy products or procure services.