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Modern Chimney Sweep Techniques

Many people imagine Dick Van Dyke in “Mary Poppins” when they think of a chimney sweep. But more than a century has passed since Edwardian England when that story was set, and the chimney sweeping profession has experienced many technological upgrades since then. The chimney and fireplace professionals at Advanced Chimney Sweeps describe the cleaning methods of a modern chimney sweep.chimney sweep marietta ga

The traditional brush

The stereotypical image of a chimney sweep includes a wire brush attached to a long rod. Modern chimney professionals still use a brush similar to this today for their cleaning services. The brush used for your flue will be sized properly to ensure an effective cleaning for your chimney. Much like a century ago, the brush removes creosote build-up from inside the chimney flue. Smoke from fireplace usage creates this build-up over time, and if left alone, it can pose a fire risk to your home. This chimney sweeping method is still effective at removing this dangerous hazard, hence its continued use today.

Equipment upgrades

A brush is not the only tool used by professional chimney sweeps today, and this equipment is more technologically advanced than people could have imagined a century ago. Chimney experts use industrial vacuums to collect loose, airborne dust and particles. This way, your home remains clean during the sweeping process, and you are not at risk of breathing these particles. Professionals can also use cameras to scope nooks and crannies of the chimney flue during an inspection or a cleaning service. These equipment upgrades make modern chimney sweep services safer and more effective.

Disposal with care

For professional chimney sweeps, disposal of ash, soot, and creosote build-up is not an afterthought. Chimney experts pay attention to the potential spread of these particles, laying a tarp in your home to avoid getting anything dirty during the sweeping process. The vacuum also collects particles for easier disposal. Modern chimney sweeps are also more environmentally conscious when getting rid of this waste. They will dispose of collected build-up in a compost or green bin wherever possible.

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