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3 Tips for New Fireplace Owners

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience. If your new space has a fireplace, you can look forward to the warmth and comfort of this coveted amenity.

If this if the first time you have had a fireplace, it is important to know how to use it in advance. Advanced Chimney Sweeps, a team of fireplace experts in Woodstock, GA, provides three important fireplace safety tips for new homeowners.

new fireplace owners safety tips in Woodstock Georgia

Fireplace Safety Tips

Research Specific Instructions

Fireplaces come in many makes and models, so it is important that you are sure which kind of fireplace is in your home. A wood-burning stove involves lighting a fire with kindling. A gas fireplace does not use wood and can often be ignited using an electronic control panel.

Each of these types of fireplaces has different models which have their own methods of use. You should find an instruction guide to ensure you know how to operate, as well as extinguish, your specific fireplace.

Invest in Protection

A fireplace is more than a specified spot in your home to stoke a fire safely. It has many features to ensure that your home is protected from smoke and fire damage while in use.

A chimney cap is placed over the top of your chimney to ensure your flue is not damaged by weather, pests, or other external irritants. Chimney liners are used to insulate your flue to keep smoke inside the chimney rather than your home. Products like these allow smoke to leave your home safely and efficiently.

Clean and Inspect with Professionals

Before you use your fireplace, you want to make sure it is in ideal working condition. An inspection from a chimney expert can ensure that all parts of your fireplace and chimney are undamaged and safe to use.

You should also have your chimney swept on a regular basis so that creosote build-up from smoke does not clog your flue. A clog can mean that your home is vulnerable to harmful smoke damage.

Practice Fireplace Safety in Woodstock, GA

Advanced Chimney Sweeps promotes fireplace safety and much more for customers near Woodstock, GA. Our company offers chimney inspections, repairs, and other services that can keep your home safe. To get a quote for your project at no cost to you, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 770.884.6475.