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When Do I Need Crown Sealant?

You likely notice your chimney most times you leave your home. But have you noticed if the chimney crown, the top portion of your chimney, has sustained damages?

Severe cracks in your chimney could require repairs, but smaller cases can be amended with a sealant. Advanced Chimney Sweeps, an expert team providing chimney services in Atlanta, GA, describes how crown sealant can help your chimney.

inspect chimney crowns in Atlanta Georgia

How Can Sealant Help My Crown?

A chimney crown sealant is a rubber-like substance that binds to cement and protects the chimney. Over time, harsh weather conditions can wear down your crown, creating cracks that can become even worse if left untreated.

The crown is designed to protect the brick-and-mortar chimney from damages caused by water exposure, and cracks can allow water to trickle through and harm your chimney. The sealant fills these cracks to stop leaks and create protection from future weather damage.

When Would My Crown Need Sealant?

Many individuals are unable to access the roof of their home to examine their chimney crown for potential damages. For this reason, you should call your local chimney experts to perform an inspection of your chimney.

A professional can evaluate the extent of the damage and determine the work that may be necessary before your fireplace is safe to use. They can also recommend the best chimney products if you are going to seal your crown.

Should I Seal or Repair My Chimney Crown?

The chimney professional will let you know if your chimney crown should be sealed or repaired after they perform an inspection. If the cracks in your crown have become too deep or extensive, it may be better to repair or replace the crown rather than apply a sealant.

Sealant is best used for hairline fractures in the crown in order to prevent worsening damages. The chimney expert can provide you with an accurate estimate of the cost of any repairs at no cost to you after their inspection.

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