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Wood Choice Can Keep Your Chimney Clean

Each use of your fireplace sends smoke into the flue. This smoke leaves a residue called creosote behind, which can ultimately clog your chimney if it builds up over time. You should call a professional to sweep your chimney on a regular basis, but there are ways to minimize the creosote deposit in your chimney when you use it.

A major way to maintain a cleaner chimney is to be careful about which wood you burn. Advanced Chimney Sweeps, a professional chimney cleaning and repair company, describes the importance of choosing proper wood to keep your chimney functioning efficiently and safely.

firewood chimney cleaning in Roswell Georgia

Choose Dry Wood

Dry wood is optimal for burning in a fireplace compared to wetter wood. Damp wood takes longer to burn because the moisture takes longer to heat. This creates steam as it burns which can make your chimney dirtier.

Experts recommend letting your wood dry for at least six months before burning it. Fresher or newly chopped wood often retains moisture. You can split wood in half to check that it is dry before adding it to a fire.

Clean Wood Keeps Chimney Cleaner

It is logical to assume that wood that is clean will leave less residue in your chimney. Wood can collect dust or small amounts of dirt, which will have little effect on your chimney.

However, wood that is covered in mud can create more smoke when burned which can collect in your chimney. For this reason, you should choose clean wood when burning a fire in your home.

Burn Firewood Only

It is safer and cleaner to burn specifically designated firewood in your fireplace rather than debris, treated lumber, or other flammable items. Wood that has been varnished or treated contains chemicals, and other debris will feature byproducts.

These can all deposit more residue in the flue of your chimney than if you burn just firewood. Enjoy a cleaner, less smoky, and safer fireplace experience by reserving firewood for use in your fireplace.

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