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Are You Ready for Fireplace Season?

Temperatures are starting to drop throughout Georgia, which means people are looking forward to using their fireplaces. Before you stoke your first fire, you should ensure your fireplace is prepared.

Though you may not have used your chimney in months, it may have sustained damage or other issues that could impact the safety of your home. Advanced Chimney Sweeps, a team of fireplace and chimney professionals in Woodstock, GA, provides a checklist to ensure your fireplace is ready to use securely this year.

fireplace safety in Woodstock Georgia

Sweep Your Chimney

When burning wood in your fireplace, the resulting smoke creates a build-up called creosote that sticks to the flue of your chimney. This soot can be dangerous to breathe, but it also increases the risk of a fire in your home.

To protect you and your home, experts recommend cleaning your chimney to remove creosote at least once a year. A professional will use advanced equipment to thoroughly sweep your chimney to avoid these hazards.

Inspect Chimney for Damage

To make sure your fireplace is safe before use this winter, you should examine and evaluate the area for potential damage. This should include the gasket on the door of the fireplace, the structure, and the blower if you have one.

If these features do not function properly, a fire may become out of control and lead to a highly dangerous situation in your home. A chimney expert can perform an inspection to ensure the fireplace and the chimney are in good shape. If you notice a draft from your chimney or any other issues, call your local chimney professional.

Choose Appropriate Firewood

Your choice of firewood can play a major role in the safety of your fireplace. Wood should be appropriately sized and dried before being added to a fire.

Failure to follow this protocol could damage your chimney or flue and lead to a higher risk of a dangerous scenario. Though you can enjoy the comfort of your fireplace this season, you should follow guidelines to make safety a priority.

Get Expert Fireplace Safety Tips in Woodstock, GA

Advanced Chimney Sweeps prioritizes safety for your chimney and fireplace with inspections and repair services for customers near Woodstock, GA. If you are concerned about leaks, excess smoke, or other chimney issues, call our team of professionals. To get a quote for your job at no cost to you, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 770.884.6475.