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Fireplace Safety with Kids

With winter weather settling in, many people are excited to use their fireplaces. However, if your home has children, you have extra safety considerations to keep in mind before building a fire.

You can still use your fireplace safely if you live with young children. Advanced Chimney Sweeps, a team of fireplace and chimney experts located near Woodstock, GA, provide tips for keeping your children safe near your fireplace this year.

kids chimney safety Woodstock Georgia

Install a Gate Around Your Fireplace

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to make sure children cannot access a fireplace is to install a gate around the area. If you place a baby gate, a glass door, or grate to block the fireplace, a child will not be able to reach the flames. This will prevent serious injuries such as burns.

Even if you use a gate to block the area, you should still never leave your fireplace unattended. You should monitor the fire as well as the children and their proximity to it during the entire time it is lit.

Maintain Open Communication About Fire Safety

Children are often curious, and this could mean they will seek a close observation of a lit fire in a grate. If they are old enough, you should be open about the dangers of a fire, as well as fireplace safety, so that they understand why it is important to keep their distance.

You should also discuss evacuation plans with your child in the event of an emergency. If they know what to do to stay safe if the fire becomes dangerous, you can evacuate your home more precisely and more efficiently if needed.

Keep Fireplace and Chimney Clean

Your fireplace will function better and more safely if the chimney and fireplace are routinely cleaned. You can hire a chimney professional to sweep the flue and perform an inspection before use so that you can feel comfortable knowing the fireplace is in good condition.

A dirty or clogged chimney could mean that smoke will not escape through the flue properly. This could allow smoke to fill a room, making your home sooty and the air smoggy.

More Fireplace Safety Tips from Experts in Woodstock, GA

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