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Easy Chimney Liner Installation

As you stay cozy and warm in your home this winter while using your fireplace, you should ensure your chimney remains safe and functional with a good-quality chimney liner in place.

This layer of clay, concrete, or metal that covers the inside of a chimney is a necessity for modern fireplace users, no matter how often they use their flue. Advanced Chimney Sweeps, a team of chimney professionals located near Marietta, GA, responds to frequently asked questions about chimney liners and how they are installed in an existing chimney.

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Why Do I Need a Chimney Liner?

If your home has a built-in fireplace, do you really need to ensure its chimney has a liner before using it? The answer to this question is yes. Many modern building compliance laws require a liner in each chimney.

Besides its legal necessity in many locations, chimney liners provide many advantages for homeowners with fireplaces. They make cleaning and other maintenance for chimneys easier, and they can make the chimney safer overall. The chimney’s structure can be more stable with a liner in place. A liner will better ensure that smoke and gas escape through the flue and not into your home.

Can I Get a Chimney Liner Replaced?

Regulations usually mean that your chimney may already have a liner installed. You can call your local chimney sweeps to inspect your flue to see if you have a chimney liner. They can also check that there is no damage to an existing liner.

Cracks or other issues with your chimney liner could put the structure of your chimney in danger. It may also cause ventilation problems. A chimney professional can help you determine if a damaged liner can be repaired or if it will require replacement.

What is the Liner Installation Process?

To avoid damaging your chimney or harming yourself in the process, you should hire a professional to install your chimney liner. Your chimney sweep can ensure the liner is securely in place and that your home can remain clean and unharmed after the process.

When the chimney is clean and any prior liner has been removed, the chimney professionals will lower the new liner down the flue from the top of the chimney. They use insulation mix to seal it into place and add further protection.

The process takes between two and four hours to complete. The new liner can last for fifteen to twenty years with proper maintenance. You should get the liner, as well as the rest of your chimney and fireplace, inspected and cleaned annually for optimal safety and performance.

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