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Why Hire an Expert Chimney Sweep?

In the summer months, you might not think about your home’s fireplace and chimney. But this season could be the perfect time to clean and sweep this part of your house before cold weather sets in.

You may also wonder if you can tackle this cleaning process yourself. A chimney sweep professional has the expertise to complete this task efficiently and effectively. You can expect a thorough job done when you hire an expert. Read on to learn more about what a chimney sweep company can offer for your home.

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Can I Clean My Chimney Myself?

Cleaning a fireplace and chimney on your own is possible. In fact, if you have the proper equipment on hand, this is a good idea to do in between annual inspections and sweeps from a professional.

Using your fireplace can leave soot and other mess behind that you might not want to leave until the next time your chimney sweep checks out your house. If you intend to clean your chimney, make sure you take precautions to keep you and your home safe during the process.

You should lay a tarp to keep the area near your fireplace clean as you sweep creosote build-up. Use appropriate brushes and rods that will suit your specific fireplace. Wear a mask over your nose and mouth and safety glasses to stop harmful particles from impairing your health.

Completing minor cleaning yourself is okay. But you should leave an annual cleaning and heavy build-up in your flue to a professional. They have the best tools and knowledge to take care of this project.

When Should I Call a Chimney Expert?

You can clean smaller amounts of creosote from your chimney and fireplace on your own. But you should still trust a professional chimney sweep to perform annual cleanings and inspections. Creosote is highly flammable. If it is not removed entirely, it could pose a fire risk the next time you use your fireplace.

The yearly inspections will also make sure you do not have cracks, animals, or other dangers affecting your chimney without your notice. They will employ video technology to get a close look at the infrastructure of the flue for thorough results.

If you notice a draft, an odd smell, or smokiness around your chimney or fireplace, you should also let a chimney sweep know. Your chimney might need more work than a cleaning, and these experts can complete any necessary repairs.

What Is the Chimney Cleaning Process?

An expert chimney sweep will begin the cleaning process by laying down tarps. This will keep your home safe from any debris or soot. They will use brushes to scrub away creosote build-up and other messes within the flue.

They will pay close attention and get a thorough clean from the fireplace to the chimney cap. To get a quote for your chimney project at no cost to you, contact our office online or by phone at 770.884.6475.