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Risks of Skipping Chimney Cleaning

If you have a fireplace in your home, then you also have a flue and a chimney where the smoke generated from a fire can escape safely from your home. This feature is necessary to stop smoke from infiltrating your home. But if you do not keep your chimney clean, then you can have smoke problems and many other safety concerns affecting you and the other residents in your house.

You should schedule routine chimney sweeps at least once each year to ensure your fireplace functions safely and efficiently. Read on to learn about three potential dangers that may occur if you do not clean your chimney as often as you should.

prevent fires with chimney cleaning

Fire Hazards

When you use your fireplace, smoke travels through your chimney. But the smoke will leave residues behind, forming tar-like build-up in the flue called creosote.

Creosote is combustible, meaning it can catch fire easily. If hot smoke or sparks reach this build-up in the flue, you could accidentally start a fire within the chimney. This fire could put your house and people in the area in danger.

Prevent this emergency situation by cleaning your chimney with help from expert chimney sweeps every year. Ideally, you should clean your chimney before the start of fireplace season, which begins when the weather starts to grow cooler.

Smoke Inhalation Dangers

One of the primary dangers of fires within the home comes from smoke inhalation. Even a fire burning safely within a fireplace generates toxic smoke. The chimney navigates this smoke away from your home so that it does not endanger its residents.

But creosote build-up within the flue can cause a clog within the chimney. Then smoke cannot escape efficiently through the flue and may travel back through the fireplace and into your home.

Avoid this risk of carbon monoxide poisoning by scheduling a chimney inspection and cleaning on a regular basis. The chimney experts will ensure your chimney functions as it should so that you and your loved ones will not be in danger when using your fireplace. Make sure you also keep your dampers open when using your fireplace for proper ventilation.

Mess in Your Home

If smoke cannot escape properly due to a dirty or clogged chimney, the excess smoke could leave a mess in your home. Smoke creates a film of creosote within the flue that requires professional cleaning.

The smoke that enters your home could also make a mess on your furniture, walls, and carpeting. If you do not empty burnt logs or ashes from your fireplace frequently, they may also easily spill into your home.

Maintain a regular cleaning schedule to keep your home looking pristine. If you do notice any smoke problems in your home despite effective cleaning efforts, contact your local chimney sweep. They can examine the chimney and spot potential leaks or damages that need repairs. Get a quote for chimney services by calling a chimney expert today.