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Fireplace Ash Disposal Advice

As you enjoy your fireplace this year, you will notice that your controlled flame produces more than light and warmth. When you burn wood in your fireplace, it does not disappear. It becomes ash and soot that will remain in the hearth of your fireplace.

This leftover debris is combustible, meaning it can catch fire. So if it remains in your fireplace, you could run the risk of flames spreading and becoming dangerous. Keep your fireplace clean and safe by removing this build-up within your fireplace on a regular basis.

You can learn to do this cleaning properly to maximize safety and efficiency. Read on to learn more about disposing of ash that accumulates in your fireplace.

clean your fireplace to prevent fire hazards

When to Clean Your Fireplace

A fire will leave ash behind within your fireplace after each use. But you will not have time to clean the fireplace every single day. In fact, you should not clean ash directly after you use your fireplace.

You should wait at least three days, preferably longer, after using your fireplace to ensure the ashes have cooled to a temperature safe to handle. Coals or ash that are still hot could start a fire.

Experts recommend cleaning your fireplace weekly to ensure the build-up does not become messy or hazardous to you or your home. If the ash makes your room smell smoky, you may want to clean the debris more frequently.

When you close your fireplace for the season, you should complete a more thorough cleaning process. Hire a professional to sweep and inspect your chimney to remove soot build-up in your flue too on an annual basis.

How to Remove Fireplace Ash Properly

When you are ready to clean ash from your fireplace, you should again ensure you wait the appropriate amount of time for the ash to cool. It may be a good idea to lay a sheet or tarp on the floor or rug in front of the fireplace to make less of a mess.

Then you should sprinkle slightly damp coffee grounds onto the pile of ash. This will prevent dust and debris from flying everywhere when you start to clean.

Scoop the ash with a small shovel into a bag that you can throw away in the trash. You may also scoop ash into a bucket that you can take outside and dump in a spot far from your home or any other residence and any flammable materials.

Use a vacuum to remove the remaining ash, soot, and debris that a shovel could not collect from the fireplace. Make sure to sweep the area in front of the fireplace as well. Do not forget to also clean the grate, screen, or any other feature of your fireplace that may collect ash or soot.

Ensure you do not use flammable cleaning supplies that could create a fire hazard for your next fireplace usage. Call your local chimney sweep if you have questions about ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your unique fireplace.