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Upgrade Your Fireplace Style

A roaring fire in your fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere in your home. But the fireplace itself can also provide an opportunity for you to express your unique style in your home. Your fireplace features many elements that allow you to spruce up your home’s aesthetic.

This fixture serves as a focal point in a room, so make sure you feel happy with the way it looks. Find style ideas from fireplace and chimney experts when you read on.

Upgrade Your Fireplace Style

Dress Up Your Mantel

The mantel refers to a shelf-like ledge that sits atop the hearth of your fireplace. Originally, it was intended to serve as a hood for the fire to trap escaped smoke, but it now functions as a decorative accent to a fireplace.

The structure of the mantel itself can add elegance to your fireplace. But you can also take the opportunity to decorate your space by dressing up the mantel as well. This can make a great place to display photographs or ornaments.

You can also put houseplants on your mantel to add depth and vitality to your room. Make sure you keep hanging items away from the open flame to maximize fireplace safety. If you want to improve the display abilities of your mantel, consider making the ledge deeper.

Add Polish to Your Fireplace Surround

The area surrounding the perimeter of the fireplace hearth is known as a surround. And it creates another prime opportunity to add style to your room. You can choose from a variety of materials, including limestone, marble, and wood. Each of these options can add warmth and sophistication to your room’s style.

Stone fireplace surrounds will be more expensive but can appear comfortably solid and timeless. Wood can come in many different stains that will pair well with the style of the rest of the room. Consider colors and patterns that will suit the aesthetic of the entire room when you design the fireplace surround.

Try Tiling Around Your Fireplace

The hearth, the portion of the floor directly in front of your fireplace, will provide protection for your flooring from stray sparks or embers. Though it serves a protective purpose, you can also express style with the way you design it. Tiling makes a great material for this part of the floor because it can resist damage, is easy to clean, and will look beautiful.

This tiling can complement the majestic look of your fireplace surround and serve as a visual link between the fireplace and the rest of the room. You can also consider choosing a bold pattern for the tiles that can add a splash of color to the space. This can make your room look very exciting and appealing.

Ensure your fireplace design also stays free of fire hazards by consulting with a chimney sweep or other fire safety expert. Make sure you clean and maintain your fireplace so that it looks its best and also remains safe to use.