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Preparing for a Chimney Sweep Visit

Did you know that you should clean your chimney at least once per year? As smoke from a fire rises through the flue and out of your house, it can leave a sooty residue behind called creosote. This messy build-up can create a fire risk in your chimney, so you should remove it in a timely fashion.

To ensure your chimney gets thoroughly cleaned and remains in good condition, you should hire professional chimney sweeps to clean your chimney. They have the experience, training, and tools to complete this task properly and efficiently.

You can help this team of experts and feel more confident heading into this cleaning process when you take steps to prepare ahead of time. Read on to discover three tips you can consider before your scheduled chimney sweep appointment that can streamline your experience.

Prepare for a Chimney Sweep Visit

Clean the Fireplace Hearth

The hearth of your fireplace refers to the chamber where you build and maintain a fire. You should clean this space in your home frequently, at least once a month, to keep it tidy and safe to use.

It can be a good idea to clean the hearth before your chimney sweep appointment as well. This allows chimney professionals better access to the flue of the chimney, saving them time and you money. You can lower the risk of a mess if this extra cleaning step is taken prior to the appointment.

You can keep your hearth clean by sweeping up ash and debris and disposing of it safely. Use warm water and a cloth to wipe down stains inside and outside the hearth. If using a cleaning solution, rinse the fireplace thoroughly with a wet sponge to get rid of any residues.

Clear a Pathway for the Chimney Cleaners

You can enhance your experience during a chimney sweep appointment when you prepare your property ahead of the visit. This means making sure the chimney professionals have a clear pathway between your home’s entrance and your fireplace and chimney.

Move bulky furniture out of this pathway to avoid collisions and messes. The professionals will lay down protective tarp to prevent stains and soot from harming your flooring and furniture. But you can best preserve your items when you clear them from the room.

Take down decorative items from the mantel and hearth of the fireplace as well. This way, they will not accidentally get bumped and break during the cleaning process. If you have questions about how to best protect your property, give the chimney sweep company a call to ask for detailed advice.

Keep Pets or Children Out of the Way

As the chimney sweeps will move in and out of your home, transporting equipment to clean your chimney, it will be a good idea to keep pets and kids away from the designated area. This way, you can ensure they will not disrupt the cleaning process or risk accidental harm.

You may want to schedule the appointment while kids are in school or out of the house. Secure pets in another location away from the fireplace and entrance to your home.